Many people are afraid of Internet, surveliance and [[unknown users]] online. Some of them simply don't like a cyberspace because they don't feel good in here. Do you like Internet ? [[Yes]] [[No]] [[I don`t know]]Internet is a good [[place]]. If you [[like]] it, it likes you back. If you [[trust]] it, it trusts you back. It can be the place full of dreams and friends. Sometimes it can be your home, your room or your garden. You are not [[alone]]. There are many people who don`t like Internet because they don`t [[trust]] and don`t want to share their thoughts . Sometimes everyone dosn`t like [[Internet]]. This is natural because of the very involving character of the medium that can addict you easly and quickly like a spider catching you in his [[web]].You have no choice, if you want to be in here, you have to [[trust]]. It isn`t so difficult ♥There is such a place that doesn`t have limitations and rules. The real [[freedom]] and democracy. The perfect, endless ocean of virtual space for those who [[trust]].I like [[Internet]] and [[Internet]] likes me. I don`t like Internet and Internet doesn`t like me. Love ♥It is difficult to trust [[unknown users]] on the [[Internet]] but if you want to be in you have to try. They are all the same, all of them are a little bit affraid and careful. The problem is that without an open mind and trust it is impossible to meet new people and to make new friends. Trust yourself and trust others, they are similar to you. When you are alone and sad and bored remember that [[one click away]] there is something else, something new.♣How far away from here is the Internet ? It is always [[one click away]]. Very far away.Who knows how many websites are on the Web? Web is huge. Not every page is [[one click away]].The freedom of being always young and always so far away. Not more distant then [[one click away]]!You and I, we are unknown users. But even though we all can be anonymous, we still live [[one click away]].So far away! It really doesn`t metter if you [[like Internet]] or not, one click can be very far away.